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Drain Cleaning Houston

Professional Drain Cleaning Services in Houston, TX

Is there a drain in your home that takes forever to actually drain? Does contaminated back-flow come out of your bathtub seemingly at random intervals? Sounds like you have a tough clog or drain damage on your hands. Thankfully, you have a stronger team by your side: Pioneer Plumbing & Septic. For drain cleaning services in Houston done right the first time, give our plumbers a call at (281) 815-2772.

We have the tools and training required to tackle any clog, big or small. Plus, drain line repairs are done easily thanks to our advanced plumbing equipment. If you are looking for professional drain cleaning in Houston, TX or the surrounding area, you can count on us to get the job done right for you and unclog the most difficult of clogs. Customers services and satisfaction is our top priority, and we strive to deliver our clients with nothing but the best drain cleaning services in all of Houston. Our Houston drain cleaning experts use high-quality material and equipment while performing all drain cleaning services because we want to make sure that we are helping you avoid worse damage and costly repairs in the near future.

Water Going Down The Drain After Drain Cleaning Service in Houston

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Six reasons why we’re the top name in drain cleaning in Houston:
  • 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed
  • Free estimates on all plumbing projects
  • Financing available on certain services
  • Family-owned and operated local business
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Not to mention, we are also Angie’s List Certified, HomeAdvisor Top Rated, and highly rated by the Better Business Bureau (BBB). In other words, we’re the first and only name you need to know for your residential plumbing jobs in Houston!

Drain Cleaning and Pipe Repair in Houston, TX

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What’s Clogging Your Drains?

Even the best drain systems are susceptible to clogging if the wrong things end up going down them. If you have a bad clog in your drains, it is likely that one of a few common culprits are causing it. Below we list some of the things that cause your drains to clog.

Our drain clearing pros often see the following in tough drain clogs:

  • Bits of plastic packaging
  • Small metal items, like hairpins and screws
  • Hair
  • Coffee grounds
  • Eggshells
  • Starchy foods
  • Menstrual hygiene products
  • Soap scum

Cleaning Difficult Drain Clogs in Houston

We strive to break through difficult drain clogs, so that you and your family can enjoy being at home at anytime. We have a number of methods to break apart clogs in your drains. Using a snaking system, we may be able to undo minor clogs that are down the drain, even as far as the sewer main. For tougher clogs, we can use hydro jetting technology that utilizes incredible water pressure to bust whatever is causing the clog. Hydro jetting is a great way to clear and clean drains all at once, as the powerful water effectively scrubs the inside of the drain pipe clean. Other clogs might require a motorized drain auger to break. For example, tree root intrusion is a fairly common reason why some drains become damaged and clogged. An auger can rip apart the tree roots with ease.

Cleaning Difficult Drain Clogs In Houston

Drain Inspections & Repairs in Houston, TX

Sometimes finding the clog in your plumbing system isn’t as simple as starting with the drain that is clogged up. It could be a clog or problem affecting multiple pipes due to its size or positioning. To locate clogs and damage in your drains, we can start with a thorough plumbing inspection.

If your drains have been damaged by a clog or intrusion, we can get to work with repairs. Our Houston drain clearing plumbers keep fully stocked vehicles with all sorts of parts and plumbing components. In many cases, we can begin repair work right away after finding the problem. That’s Pioneer Plumbing & Septic service and convenience for you!

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