Tips to Prevent Plumbing Problems This 4th of July

Sink filled with food scraps

The 4th of July is a time for celebration with family and friends. But before the fireworks start, make sure you take some time to prepare your home for any potential plumbing problems.

Prevention Tips

Check out these simple tips to help you avoid some of the most common issues and keep your holiday celebrations flowing smoothly!

Place a Wastebasket Near the Toilet

While it may seem like common knowledge that flushing anything other than toilet paper can spell disaster for your plumbing, it just takes one person to flush the wrong item, and the next thing you know, you're calling a plumber for an expensive repair. This exact situation is why we recommend keeping a trash can near the toilet.

Having a small wastebasket handy will give guests at your house another option to get rid of any garbage they may have. This should prevent any small objects from being flushed down the toilet and causing a clog.

Be sure to empty the trash regularly so it doesn't become overloaded. If someone sees that the basket is full, they may decide to flush the garbage anyway.

Throw Away Your Food Scraps

If you're like us, no Independence Day party is complete without some good barbecue food to munch on. However, these foods often contain fat, grease, or bones, a triple threat that can seriously damage your drains and garbage disposal.

To avoid anyone accidentally can damaging the blades on your disposal or causing a clog, it's best to get disposable plates for the party. Both paper and styrofoam plates can just be thrown away, so no one will be tempted to just push their leftovers off their plate and into your drain.

Know Your Water Shut-off Valve’s Location

Plumbing systems are more delicate than the average person would assume. One slight misstep can quickly snowball into a serious problem which is why it's important to know where your water shut-off valve is located.

During a large gathering, it is impossible to keep track of what everyone is doing. If one person does something that causes a plumbing emergency, you'll need to be able to turn off the water supply to your home quickly. In general, you should also ensure that everyone in your family knows where the valve is and how to operate it, just in case.

We’re Here for You

By following these simple tips, you can avoid most plumbing problems and have a stress-free Fourth of July celebration. However, if you still run into some plumbing trouble, the expert technicians at Pioneer Plumbing and Septic are ready and waiting to fix your problem fast!

Call (281) 815-2772 or contact us online to schedule your repair.

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