6 Signs That Your Home’s Plumbing Needs Some Attention

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Every once in a while, a home’s plumbing system will need some TLC. As much as we’d all like to hope and dream that nothing will go wrong, your home will most likely have a leak, clog, or some other plumbing issue at some point. The good news is that by knowing some of the warning signs, you can get ahead of the issues and solve them before they turn into more expensive and more stressful problems.

Not sure what to look for? Keep reading to learn what signs mean your home’s plumbing needs some attention.

1. Dirty, Brown Water

If the water coming out of your faucet looks brown or dirty, there’s a good chance that dirt is getting into your main water line. This is the main pipe that brings water to your home from your well or your city’s water supply pipes. Old age, shifting earth, or tree roots can cause the pipe to break, allowing dirt to mix with your water.

2. Water With Rust Flakes or a Rust-Colored Tinge

If your home has this issue, notice when it occurs: is it only when you use hot water or when you use both hot and cold water?

  • If rusty water comes out only when you use hot water: there’s a problem with your water heater. It might need a new sacrificial anode rod to stop corrosion from occurring. If the water heater is old, severe corrosion might already be occurring inside the tank.
  • If rusty water comes out when you use hot or cold water: this means your water supply pipes are corroding. They will need to be replaced soon before a leak occurs.

3. Gurgling Underneath a Sink Drain

If you hear the plumbing gurgling underneath your sink, this usually means that a clog is forming. However, sometimes this can indicate that something is blocking a vent pipe (a pipe that ventilates sewer gases outside of your home). The main vent pipe typically exits your home through the roof, so occasionally it can get clogged with leaves, a bird’s nest, or a dead animal.

4. Slow-Draining Water

Slow-draining water means one thing: there’s a blockage somewhere in your drain pipes. If you’re unable to dislodge it with a plunger, you might need to contact a plumber for professional drain cleaning services. If the clog is deep in your home’s plumbing, the plumber will need to access the clog through a cleanout.

5. High Water Bills

Can’t figure out why your water bills are so high compared to the same time last year? It could mean that you have a hidden leak somewhere behind one of your walls, beneath your floor, or even underneath your home’s concrete slab foundation.

6. Puddles in Your Yard

If there are puddles in your yard when there’s no rain and when the sprinklers haven’t been running, then you can bet there’s a plumbing problem. If the grass is particularly green and healthy around the puddles, it’s likely that your sewer line has collapsed or broken and is supplying your lawn with a little extra “nutrients.”

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