4 Signs You Have Hard Water

Caused by water with high mineral content, hard water can wreak havoc on your hair, skin, plumbing fixtures and appliances. If you’re worried your home suffers from hard water, here are four signs to watch out for.

Mineral Build-Up

If you’ve ever noticed hard deposits forming around plumbing fixtures, you’ve got hard water. As the water dries, it leaves behind minerals, resulting in scale. While cleaning these off of faucets isn’t challenging, it’s what’s happening inside your pipes you should be concerned about.

Spots on Dishes

These spots are not soap scum. Much like the water fixtures, the water in your dishwasher leaves behind minerals that can’t evaporate, meaning that no matter how you try to make those dishes sparkle, you’ll never achieve a true shine.

Appliance Lifespan

Under these conditions, you can’t expect your appliances to last long. The scale buildup in pipes serving your water-consuming appliances will dramatically reduce efficiency and cause these units to break down over time.

Soap Scum

Hard water has an adverse effect on soap, making it difficult to lather up in the shower. And after the water goes down the drain, what remains is an unsightly ring around the tub. Hard water makes it difficult to do other household chores, such as mopping and cleaning windows. No matter how hard you scrub, there will always be streaks.

Bottom line: In the end, if you have hard water, installing a water softener is the best way to resolve the issue. Without the minerals left behind after evaporation, suddenly clogs become less common, cleaning is a breeze, and appliances work efficiently and effectively. Give Pioneer Plumbing and Septic a call at (281) 815-2772 when you’re ready to discuss the best way to beat hard water.

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